We have prepared several workshops to choose the most suitable for you to enhance both of your self and career development path. These are series of practical and hands-on workshops that make sure we put theories into action.

Presenting isn’t just about getting up in front of a room full of people to deliver a speech.
It is about delivering an effective and engaging speech to a variety of audiences.

The workshop will:
- Break the fear from talking in front of public audience.
- Have a good way of control over large group of audience along with the charisma.
- Solve different common issues including Poor eye contact, monotonous tone and self-confidence.
- Identify on how to deal with distracted, over-participate, rude and not engaged audience.
- Know how to persuade and/or influence your audience.
- Be able to deliver your message effectively without feeling any kind of boredom.
- Move away from "presenter mode" and speak naturally and authentically.
- Feel ease on the floor while talking to your audience


Business Writing                                                                                  

Negotiation Skills                                                                               

Presentation Skills


Introduction to Entrepreneurship Workshops Objectives

• Recognize the innate entrepreneurial potential within themselves;
• Understand the many ways in which entrepreneurship can manifests itself in different walks of life;
• Are better able to recognize and assess opportunities in their environments;
• Are willing to have big dreams and take responsibility for pursuing those dreams;
• Appreciate the role than entrepreneurial behavior can play in enhancing their lives and the lives of others;
• Become better creative problem solvers;
• Develop a strong knowledge base and set of tools that enables them to act on creative and innovative ideas;
• Recognize the critical importance of values and ethics when engaged in entrepreneurial activities.

Leadership Workshop Objectives

• Identify your own leadership strengths and areas to improve;  
• Understand the importance of credibility, and living fundamental values;  
• Inspire others around a common vision of the future;  
• Identify and try new approaches needed for growth;  
• Build collaboration, teamwork and trust, to help others excel;  
• Value and recognize the accomplishments of others;  
• Apply the leadership practices to a current business challenge.

Customer Service Excellence Objectives

• Recognise what 'customer service excellence' really means - to you and your customers;  
• Understand the logic behind spending more on valuable customers, rather than "one-size-fits-all" marketing; 
• Understand and shape the role of each employee in the customer value chain;  
• Identify 'best practice' in managing different customer situations, including complaints;  
• Motivate and maintain morale in front-line customer service staff and teams;  
• Integrate all aspects of your organisation to manage and exceed customer expectations;  
• Develop, motivate and inspire customer-value staff to deliver high quality consistently;  
• Measure and assess how well customer service standards and objectives are being achieved;  
• Overcome internal communication barriers;  
• Form stronger relationships with individual customers through interactive Customer Centric (CC) processes and standards.

HRM Course Objectives

• Increase job satisfaction and morals among employees;  
• Increase employee motivation;  
• Increase efficiencies in processes, resulting in financial gain;  
• Increase capacity to adopt new technologies and methods;  
• Increase innovation in strategies and products;  
• Reduce employee turnover;  
• Enhance company image, e.g., conducting ethics training (not a good reason for ethics training!);  
• Risk management, e.g., diversity training.

Business Writing Workshop Objectives

• How to write more efficiently and effectively; 

• Plan, draft and edit important documents including memos, business letters, reports, and email; 

• Write with purpose, so there is no doubt what the reader's next action should be.

Team Building Workshop Objectives 

• Have an awareness of self as a leader and a role model; 
• Promote engagement; commitment; respect and dignity for all regardless of status; influence and advocacy; 
• Engage in institutional democratic processes; 
• Understand the importance of the role of team leader;  
• Understand the impact of their own leadership style and adapt it accordingly;  
• Develop behaviours that are sustainable and effective;  
• Analyse their own team;  
• Develop a high performance team on return to the workplace;  
• Understand the importance of effective communication;  
• Understand the importance of motivation, coaching and delegating;  
• Manage their personal stress and recognize stress in others;  
• Develop an Action Plan for use in the workplace.

Problem Solving Objectives

• Understand problems and the creative problem solving process;  
• Identify types of information to gather and key questions to ask in problem solving;  
• Identify the importance of defining a problem correctly;  
• Identify and use four different problem definition tools;  
• Write concrete problem statements;  
• Use basic brainstorming tools to generate ideas for solutions;  
• Evaluate potential solutions against criteria, including cost/benefit analysis and group voting;  
• Perform a final analysis and solution.

Negotiation Skills

On completion of the course delegates will be able to:
• Recognise the basic principles of negotiation and the need to negotiate in a sustainable way;  
• Analyse their negotiation style and develop confidence in win/win;  
• Recognise the various stages of effective negotiation;  
• Develop a coherent case and set clear objectives;  
• Recognise whether they are being cooperative or competitive;  
• Utilise effective interpersonal skills;  
• Develop the ability to listen and be listened to;  
• Develop calm and objectivity throughout the negotiation process;  
• Use negotiation skills in a variety of situations;  
• Deal with hostility and negotiate acceptable solutions;  
• Develop strategies to ensure positive outcomes;  
• Develop an Action Plan for use in the workplace.

Communication Skills

You will learn:
• Understanding how communications work;  
• Gaining active listening and responding skills;  
• Seeing things from other points of view;  
• Managing your assumption more effectively;  
• Understanding your own strengths; 
• How others may see you;  
• Looking at body language;  
• Increasing confidence;  
• Difficult people or situations.

Presentation Skills

You will learn how to:
• Prepare and deliver winning business presentations that have a laser like focus on the key messages that are most likely to influence and persuade your audience; 
• Grab and hold audience attention right from the start with breathtakingly simple ideas and techniques;  
• Develop business presentation content that makes real connections with your audience enabling you to influence and persuade key decision makers;  
• Use vocal and body language techniques to create and re-enforce compelling messages;  
• Eliminate distractions and noise from your visuals, focusing audience attention on your key messages that matter;  
• Reduce and control nerves to present with a calm, clear, confident manner;  
• Unleash the power of 'less is more'. 

Quality Workshop Objectives

• Improve Employee Morale and Cooperation;  
• Increase Profitability and Efficiency;  
• Enhance Planning, Quality Assurance and Quality Control Measures;  
• Improve Leadership and Team-building Skills.

Meet Our Trainer

 Medhat Adel Emam 

• Started training delivery at the age of 17 as the youngest trainer in Egypt.
• Joined many Training Companies where he delivered Business and Personal Development courses.
• Assigned as a Teaching Assistant at the American University in Cairo in the Entrepreneurship Class, Business Department.
• Was president and founder of a charity organization at the age of 18.
• Delivered over 25000 hours of training and development courses and sessions.
• Facilitated a whole conference for high school junior students with AIESEC AUC concerning personal development, Leadership and future career path.
• Co-founder and operation manager of a new International company in the Hand-made Industry.
• Lecturer and HR agent in a training corporate based in UK and franchised in Egypt.
• Grade A International TEFL certified teacher and trainer from the International college of Waldenburg, UK, Class 2017.
• A direct approach trained language teacher.
• Assigned as a Teacher and trainer for kids, teenagers, and adults in several schools and companies in Krakow, Poland.

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