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About Us

We’re a young, nonetheless experienced team of teachers. We know the rapidly changing needs of students and market very well. Not every teacher is capable of following these changes - we are. Why? We stand out not only because of our passion and commitment, we know that the lives of many people can be changed for the better thanks to us! Nowadays knowing foreign languages is a duty (for many people it’s unpleasant) and thanks to our classes duty becomes pleasure. That’s what makes us stand out from our competitors.

We never stop learning

Our teachers are language specialists that know English inside out. Thanks to that our methods of teaching are different from others. Everyone feels relaxed during our lessons every time we match the teaching methods to our students needs and problems. Although we are fully educated, we keep learning new things.

You can learn not with one but with several teachers at a time

Each of us are very well qualified and some of us specialise in certain fields better than others. That is why, from time to time, our teachers exchange for a lesson so you can get the most of this opportunity. Additionally, you get exposed to several different accents, improving your listening skills.

Free handouts

Every student is different because of their age, aims and abilities to learn. That is why we match the learning materials for each student/group separately. We also use various sources to give you a chance to use such a pack for future revisions, for instance, after finishing the course.

You can choose the place to learn

If you want to have lessons comfortably at home, at work or in a neutral place, we meet all your requirements. We can go to your house, company, conference room. We also organise lessons in our classroom.

We teach online

If you need/prefer to stay at home and you don’t want to worry about having guests, plus save money, choose online lessons. Weather issues, problems with traffic and travel time is not going to be your problem anymore. You can even have a lesson with your relative or friend from a different part of the world.

You can take part in our international lessons!

Younger students can participate in an English contest where they meet peers from other countries. During contests we use English only. It gives us the opportunity to use practical language as well as finding out about other cultures. An additional prize is meeting new, foreign penfriends. Older students can try their language skills at a higher level, taking advantage of using practical language, discussing and debating.

Meet our teachers 

and learn who we really are!


I’ve done BA and MA on English Studies. I’m a teacher with many years of experience. Teaching is my passion which I display with full commitment.


I have a degree in English and Early School Education with English. Working with kids and adults is really fulfilling and it forces to constant development.


I have been teaching English for 12 years, I love working with my students. My goal is to enthuse them with my passion to this beautiful language.


I lived and worked in United Kingdom for 12 years, having the opportunity to hone my own language skills in my personal and working life. I teach with passion as I want to pass all my knowledge to everyone who wants to progress. 

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